Public price list (free)

186_192_FRAP.pdf - in french
186_192_ANAP.pdf - in english
186_192_ESAP.pdf - in spanish
186_192_ALAP.pdf - in german
TARIF - all languages into a compressed excel file

Order form of the catalogue JR-International

CDJR FR PUB.pdf - in french
CDJR AN PUB.pdf - in english
CDJR ES PUB.pdf - in spanish
CDJR AL PUB.pdf - in german

JR-International folders (free)

FRJRD.pdf - in french
ANJRD.pdf - in english
ESJRD.pdf - in spanish
ALJRD.pdf - in german

Pages of catalogue 2003/2004 (free)

You can download all pages of the catalogue on .pdf format. However you can order the CD-ROM (Ref. CDAP) to save time. These CD-ROMs are available: Catalogue 2003/2004 with prices without name on .pdf format on CD-ROM ref. CDAP (1 CD-ROM : 20 Euro without VAT) Hypertext links allow you to browse through the catalogue. You can print or send by fax the selected pages Catalogue 2003/2004 without prices, without name on .pdf format on CD-ROM Ref. CDSP (1 CD-ROM 30 Euro without VAT) This CD-ROM allows you to market our products and preserve your margin Hypertext links allow you to browse through the catalogue. You could print or send by fax the selected pages

catalogue_fr.pdf - in french
catalogue_es - in spanish
catalogue_an - in english

Order form JR-International

BON DE COMMANDE JR FR.pdf - in french
BON DE COMMANDE JR AN.pdf - in english
BON DE COMMANDE JR AL.pdf - in german
BON DE COMMANDE JR ES.pdf - in spanish

Jr International Access

PLAN_ACCES_JR_AL.jpg - in german
PLAN_ACCES_JR_AN.jpg - in english
PLAN_ACCES_JR_ES.jpg - in spanish
PLAN_ACCES_JR_FR.jpg - in french

Photographic collection on CD-ROM

These CD-ROMs are available: Photographic collection 2003/2004 on .jpg format on CD-ROM Ref. CDP (2 910 files on CD-ROM 70 Euro without VAT). This CD-ROM contains all photographs from the catalogue 2003/2004. Photographic collection 2003/2004 on .eps on CD-ROM Ref. CDPE (2 529 files on 3 CD-ROMs: 150 Euro without VAT). These CD-ROMs have been specially designed to the attention of the printers, model markers in order to enable you to use the files of the photographs in high resolution and separation of the colours.

We are pleased to inform you that these CD-ROMs are available: -Instructions materials, and commercial documents on format .doc on CD-ROM ref. CDN (1 CD-ROM with 600Mo of data: 70 Euro without VAT). This CD-ROM allows you to copy on your computer disc all selected documents. You could personalize commercial documents with the name of your company. You will be able to consult it and print it constantly.


Forms, extracts from legislative texts

DEMANDE AUTORISATION.pdf - Request for a video surveillance license
TAXE SUR LES PILES.jpg - Scale of environment tax
DECRET N° 86-1099 transport de fonds et protection -
DECRET N° 2001-657 transport de fonds.doc -
DECRET N° 96-926 du 17 octobre 1996 relatif à la v -
LOI N° 95-73 du 21 janvier 1995 d'orientation et d -
Loi du 27 septembre 1941 portant réglementation de -
DECRET N° 91-1206 du 26 novembre 1991.doc -

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