Guarantee and After-sales service


Goods are guaranteed 12 months when the cost is up to 30€ exc. tax and 6 months when the value is less than 30€ exc. tax. The guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement of parts that are obviously defective due to faulty manufacture. The guarantee starts from the delivery date or the arrival date.
All parts or equipment damaged in transit or due to an overload whether electrical or atmospheric are excluded from the guarantee.
Damage caused by faulty use of the equipment or lack of maintenance and all transformation or modification of the equipment, will annul the guarantee. Any expenses incurred for return of goods to our headquarters or for eventual travel and in situ work must be met by the client. Batteries are not guaranteed. On no account can any equipment on which a defective part needs replacing be itself replaced, nor can any eventual immobilisation be the subject of compensation, regardless of the cause.
For equipment outside the guarantee, repair costs that do not exceed 40% of the value of said equipment will be invoiced without prior estimate being given.
For repair costs greater than 40%, an estimate will be made, prior to the work being carried out, on demand by the customer or in any case where the estimated cost exceeds 150€ HT. For any estimate that is refused, a participation charge of 10% of said estimate amount will be invoiced.

After-sales service

An efficient after sales service.
We have a quality control team who will take care of your exchanges and repairs.
To ask your questions to the after sale service, just fill the form with the number of your invoice and the purchasing date (obligatory invoice).
The technical department will you reply as soon as possible.

Tél : 0033 (0) 5 61 76 51 93 - E-mail:

Electronic alarm estimate

Our technical department is at your disposal to make a personalised estimate for your house, commercial or professional device alarm system, devices video surveillance, gate automations, devices sound systems. You only have to send us by post or fax a plan of your house precising the main entry, the localisation and type of heating. Within eight days, you will be sent an personalised estimate for your house, professional or commercial device protection.

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