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    • Is it possible to duplicate the products photographs and/or texts of the web site?

    We unfortunately cannot allow you to duplicate the photos and/or texts, since we are paying users rights limited to our web site.

    • Can I make a link from my web site to yours?

    We allow you with great pleasure to establish a link to our web site, the operation is totally free of charge. But, for deontologic reasons, we cannot accept links from web site which content is contrary to public morality.

    Safety equipments & Installation

    • How does an electronic security system work?

    A security system is like a Man. A Man have a brain whereas an alarm system have a control panel. Like a computer, it receives messages from various detectors, which activates "the eyes" and "the ears" of the tsytem. These detectors are generally wired to the control panel with cables, just like the eyes and ears are linked to the brain by the nerves. If the security system is "ON", the detector send an alarm signal to the control panel, the siren will trigger, and the telephone transmitter automatically trigger or it activates a wireless emitter. The keypad situted near the main entry allows you to control the system.
    All the following products offer an efficient security system:
    Magnetic contact or sensor to protect doors and windows opening
    Broken glasses detector to protect windows and glasses
    Volumetric movement detector to detect movements in a specific area
    Vibrations detector to protect windows and walls
    Panic button which can work in manual mode
    Humidity detector to detect floods
    Smoke detector to detect smoke, heat, fire.
    Temperature detector often located in kitchen and attic
    alarm siren help locating an alarm
    Telephone trnsmitter which dial the phone numbers programmed and transmit a vocal message.

    • Can I let the alarm system ON when I’m home ?

    Sure, your system is made such as to facilitate your way of life.
    You can choose between several levels of protection. For example, when you are far from your house, you can have all the detectors activated. When you are at night looking TV or cooking, you can opt for the activation of the door and windows activated, and let the movements detectors OFF. Smoke detectors and panic buttons are always ON.
    Your saler will be able to advise you the best system for each room of your house.

    • What is a magnetic contact or a sensor?

    A system in two parts which protects doors and windows. One part is a contact located in the door or window casing, the other part is a magnet located in the door or window, the alarm triggers when the two parts are separate. To ensure the best level of detection, you are advised to install magnetic contacts on doors and windows.

    • How does a broken glass detector work?

    There are two types of broken glass detector. First, the "accoustic "detector installed in the wall or threshold and listen for the door or window broken glass sound and second, a shock detector situated in the window and which estimates the broken glass shock. A broken glass detector can detect an intrusion even when outside your house. Your alarm saler will be able to advise you the best system for each room of your house.

    • What is an infrared volumetric detector ?

    An infrared volumetric detector is a security detector which detects intrusions in an area protected by the infrared detector. The infrared detectors are made in such a way that you can use them only when there’s nobody in the house or when the family do not have to go in a protected area. You have pets like cats or dogs in the house when the detectors are activated, contact your saler, he will suggest you a better system, proper to animals.

    • Can a detector find an intrusion even when outside the house ?

    These detectors are also called inertia or shock detectors, and constitute a great protection for windows, doors, roofs and walls. You may install them directly on surfaces , they are made to detect vibrations caused by hammering, chiseling, sawing or cutting. In fact, the intrusion is detected outside the house.

    • What do I do in case of power outage?

    Don’t worry! Your system is equiped with a refillable battery. In case of power outage, the battery automatically supply the security system depending on the charge of the battery. The battery supply can last for several hours. You are advised to change the batteries every 3 or 5 years.

    • How is my family protected during the day, whe the system is not programmed?

    The pannic buttons installed in a strategic area in the house can work in manual mode 24 hours a day to trigger the alarm and/or call help if necessary.

    • My house is already built. I don’t want to destroy the walls to install the security system cables.

    No problem! You can install an electronic wireless security sytem .
    The detectors communicate with the control panel thanks to the wireless coded radio standards in a determinated area of communication. Do not bother for the esthetic aspect of the house. The installation of the electronic wireless alarm system is quick, sure and irreprochable. Contact your electronic alarm system saler.

    • I have a fire detector working on battery. Why should I install an electronic security system?

    A smoke detector which is part of your system allows you to have a protection system more efficient than an "autonomous" detector since it is controlled. When smoke is detected, the electronic detector inform the alarm and send a signal to the control panel, it automatically triggers a telephone transmitter and dial the phone numbers programmed.

    Encrypted transactions & Payments

    • What is secured SSL session and how can it help me protecting my personnal information?

    Our secured SSL server, which uses a form of technology allowing the most secured electroniques transfers, encodes all the informations received. Thus, your credit card number will be totally protected and confidential to our accounting department.
    All information transmitted during an SSL session will be coded with a special key. Visitors entering our web site will not have access to other visistors information, protected by the secured server.

    • Why are you asked a residence proof ?

    To verify the name and address of delivery mentionned on the proof are the same as the order destinator’s.

    • Why are you asked a recto-verso copy of the credit card ?

    To verify the name of the card holder is the same as the order destinator’s.

    • Why are you asked a copy of your identification papers ?

    To verify the name of the card holder is the same as the name on this identificatio paper.

    • Why do we apply these measures ?

    Everyday, throughout the world, web surfers with bad intentions use stolen credit cards and ask a delivery address which is different from the card holder’s.
    If the credit card holder place an opposition request on this card because it was stolen, we will be bedtors of the transaction price excepted if we can justify the delivery address is the same as the card holder address.
    We stay at your disposal for all information.

    • Do you accept cash on delivery?

    No. We do not accept cash on delivery. We propose you different payment modalities before dispatch. It is security measures for our company. On our web site you could consult all payment solutions.

    Order from our Website

    • How can I place an order on the web site?

    You just have to identify yourself, and to fill your basket, then you choose the secured payment on our site and you will give your bank references (number and expiry date) to the BNP PARIBAS secured site.

    • My printer doesn’t work. So it’s not possible to send the order form and I would like to place an order. How can I do?

    We propose you several solutions:
    Send us an email or a fax specifying the order details and your address. We will send you by fax or email an acknowledgment of receipt that you must send us with your signature and payment. Some days after you will receive the order.

    • I have received the password to identify me on the website but how can I change it?

    Please identify you on the website on “customer access” at the bottom of the home page on the left side, write your login and password. Once connected, click at the bottom on the left side just above the language on •, change your name and address and write the new password.

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