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One telephone line surge tel / fax / modem / adsl 3ka surge arrester 110v rail phone View larger

One telephone line surge tel / fax / modem / adsl 3ka surge arrester 110v rail phone

Telephone arresters are used to protect the


Delivery expected from 01/27/2020

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Telephone arresters are used to protect the equipment connected to telephone lines (fax, modem, telephone exchanges ...).

In areas where storms are frequent, it is strongly recommended to install additional protection systems. The overhead due to equipment and its installation is still largely offset by a greater immunity to limit the on-site and prevent premature wear of electronic circuits. Do not wait for disaster that could cost you!

1 TELEPHONE LINE SURGE Surge Suppressors Surge Protection

Surge phone used to protect equipment connected to the telephone network (telephone, answering machine, fax, modem, telephone dialer, etc..). This telephone arrester resists a current flow of 7000 amperes.

Telephone transmitters are protected against surges and interference for normal use.

These telephone surge protectors are designed to protect telephone systems, telephone dialers, answering machines, fax, etc.. against overvoltages of atmospheric origin (eg lightning).

For the protection of equipment connected to the digital telephone networks telephones, answering machines, Minitel, modems, fax machines, DSL.
Series connection of the telephone line for one pair protected. The system is destructive in case of high voltage.

This phone is compatible with SPD ADSL phone line.

OPTIONS: 1 to 2 RJ11 telephone cord son with spade (ref. RJ11C), 1 pull-out sheet (ref. C72GA), 1 or 2 cords 3m RJ11 to RJ11 (ref. RJ113M) + 1 telephone socket with screw (ref. RJ11B)


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