MS108-GSM PBX telephone exchange/ Wireless PABX system

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MS108-GSM PBX telephone exchange/ Wireless PABX system
    Mini GSM Wireless PABX    
(1 Landline CO +1SIM + 8Extensions )    
With more features, ideal for SOHO / Small offices phone system solution!!!

MS108-GSM PBX support 1 PSTN landline and 1 GSM SIM wireless line and 8 extension. The incoming line can work

between PSTN CO line and GSM wireless line, also you can set the extension "Follow me" feature. When the incoming

call is not answered or busy and not answer, the incoming call will be transfered to outside cellphone by PSTN line or

MS108-GSM SOHO PBX Distinctive features:

1) M108-GSM is with 20sec recordable welcome message OGM
2) System CRBT feature
3) CO to CO transfer feature
4) Ext. groups feature
5) Caller ID feature
6) System password
7) Real Time Clock (optional )
8) Support 1 GSM SIM card
9) Follow me

Features list below:
GSM Wireless  PBX
Model     MS108-GSM
CO  Capacity(Min/Max)      1
Extension Capacity(Min/Max)      8
SIM card     1
Expandability      No
Door Phone      Optional
Door lock opener      Optional
External Broadcasting Interface      No
External Music on Holding      Yes
RS232 Series port      No
Backup Battery Interface      No
keyphone interface      No
Operator/Auto-attendant Mode      Yes
Operator designation     Yes
Day/Night Mode(Auto)      Optional
Day/Night Mode(Manual)      Yes
Recordable OGM(outgoing messae)     Yes
20 Seconds     Yes
50 Seconds     Optional
60 Seconds     Optional
90 Seconds     Optional
Internal Music on Holding      Yes
External Music on Holding      Yes
Ringing Assignment(CO-Ext group)     Yes
Ring Identify     Yes
System CRBT     Yes
External Caller ID      Yes
Transfer Caller ID      No
Intercom Caller ID      Optional
Call Transfer      Yes
Call Forwarding     Yes
Outgoing Call Transfer      Yes
CO to CO Transfer      Yes
Call Switch (pickup in conversation)     No
Call Pickup (External call)     Yes
Call Pickup (Internal call)     No
C.O. Line Reservation(Call waiting)     Yes
C.O. Line Booking      Yes
Specific C.O. Line Dialing      Yes
Call All Extensions     Yes
Three Way Conference     Yes
Do Not Disturb      Yes
Auto/Manual Dial-Out Mode     Yes
Internal Hot Line      No
Internal Fast Dialing      Optional
Abbreviated Dialing      No
Auto IP Dialing      No
Private Password      No
Redial in Indirect-dailing-out mode     Optional
Billing Software (include program)      No
Reverse Polarity Signal      No
Alarm clock      Optional
Call Restriction      Yes
Call Duration Control      Yes
C.O. Line&Exts Monitor      Yes
Exts. Groups      Yes
External Line Group      No
Ringing Assignment       Yes
Real Time Clock      Optional
Intelligent Routing(LCR)      No
Flexible coding(change Ext.No.)      Yes
Automatic Ext. Reporting      Yes
Flash Time Choice      Yes
System Password      Yes
Automatic C.O. Line Detection      No
Remote Programming      Yes
Memory Protect while Power off      Yes
Multiple Communications Channel      7
Fax Detection      No
Power Failure Transfer      Yes
Lightning Protection      Yes
Housing Material     Plastic
Normal Transformer Power      Yes
Switch Power      No
Backup Battery Interface      No
Product Specifications:
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50/60HZ & AC110V±10%
Power consumption: =15W
Ringing Current: AC70V±10%  50HZ
Environment temperature: 0-40
Humidity: 10%-90%


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