20a solar charge controller regulator 12v 24v autoswitch solar panel

Prevents overcharging your batteriesThe charge controller ensures that the loading of your solar cell is regular. In case of overload, charging stops automatically.If the battery voltage drop,

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Prevents overcharging your batteries

The charge controller ensures that the loading of your solar cell is regular. In case of overload, charging stops automatically.

If the battery voltage drop, for example because you have connected it to charge your smartphone, charging your battery will resume automatically.

The charge controller is installed in a snap: simply plug between the solar panel and battery. A controller is an essential element between a photovoltaic module or wind and supplies or batteries. As its name suggests, it helps regulate the load and thus prevents damage to your equipment. Charge controllers
The controller is an electronic control unit ensures that the battery charging from the solar panels. It helps to stabilize the voltage of a renewable energy system and maintain battery charge appropriately. It protects the battery against over-voltage and under-voltage and ensures a long service life.
The electronic charge controller is a key element of any solar lighting system. The controller extends the life of batteries and lamps and ensures optimal system operation. solar charge controller 30A 12/24V

This solar charge controller is designed for solar DC power supply system. MCU and professional software are applied as the control center to fulfill intelligent control. LEDs indicate the operating status. It is easy to activate and deactivate the output manually. There are two modes optional 12V and 24V voltage.

MCU and professional software are used as the control center to fulfill intelligent control with PWM high efficiency charging way. Boost, recovery and float charging auto work for the long life and battery temperature compensation. It has a high precision control of the discharge rate of discharge, over-discharging control voltage modified by the yield curve battery discharge. Our controller has the function of self-protection against overload, outside and inside short circuit, reverse polarity, thunder and lightning, PV panel reverse current, over loading and unloading, etc. In During the short circuit and protection against overload, no element will be damaged and need change, including fuse. The LEDs indicate the operating status of the system load, full load power, low power, over-discharging, over load, a short circuit, load on / off, etc. Our products meet the standard of industrial production with wide temperature zone that 35degrees C to +55 ° C. 30A Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator 12V/24V 360W CMP SERIES
Compatible with 360W(24v system) solar panel, Max current is 30A

Output Voltage: 12V/24V Automatically distinguish voltage
Max load Current:?30
Full Charge Cut:13.7V/27.4V
Low Voltage Cut:10.5V/21V
Temp ompensation:-3mv/ centigrade /cell
Zero Load Loses:?20mA
Min Wire Size:?20mA
Min Wire Size:2.5mm^2
Voltage Drop:<210mv
Dimension: 101*95*35

Function:According to the voltage of battery, Solar charge controller will adjust the charging current and decide the way of charging the battery.

1. Generally keep the battery on full condition.
2. Prevent the battery from over-charging.
3. Prevent the battery from over-discharging.
4. Prevent the battery from supplying power to solar panels during nights.

Package included:

100% Brand New
1x30A solar charge controller
1x user's manual


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