Pack opener kit automatic sliding gate (800kg pro 1010wpn) automatic gate openers automatic gate opener gate operator remote gat View larger

Pack opener kit automatic sliding gate (800kg pro 1010wpn) automatic gate openers automatic gate opener gate operator remote gat

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Pack content

1 x Motor electric motor sliding electric motor (1000kg) without control panel electrical slide gate operator automatic gate opener

The motor CL1010 is adapted to motorize portals of collectives according to the use, weight et lenght of the portal (class 3 NF P25-362). With a practical and reliable conception, it fits to any kind

1 x Aerial 433mhz aerial + 3m coaxial cable for gate door automation antenna aerial + gate door automation coaxial cable

L'antenne 433A améliore considérablement les performances des récepteurs radio utilisant la fréquence 433MHz (réf. RB1F, réf. RB2F, réf. RB2F220, réf. RB4F) permettant ainsi d'optimiser la liaison

1 x Electronical circuit gate control panel for 600 1010 b96 cl610ema cl1010ema

CIRCUIT ELECTRONIQUE DE CENTRALE AUTOMATISME PORTAIL EA42 EA43 pour 600, 1010, B96 CIRCUITS ALARMES600C = EA43La carte EA43 est une platine électronique entièrement programmable, avec réglage

5 x Gear Racks for Sliding Gate Opener Zinc rack + 3 automation sliding gate supports, 1m 30x12mm

Rack with zinc for sliding gate with a weight of 800Kg. The rack is supplied by meter with 3 supports.

1 x Light flashing lights 220vac 40w amber flasher flashing lights flashing light flashing traffic light road flashing lights traffi

Flashing light that can be used outside. It is designed to show the operating of automatic gate.

1 x Cell infrared cell exterior infrared barrier, 7 10m, 24vdc ac infrared cell infrared barrier infrared detection with infrared be

An infrared barrier is made up of two parts: the transmitter and the receiver. An infrared ray is emitted between the transmitter and the receiver and makes a beam. When this beam is cut, the cell sen

2 x Remote control miniature remote control

Remote portal EA, remote Bassi, mini-pass model. This mini remote pass is the smallest of the range Allmatic. Oval, less than 5 cm, it clings to any keychain. Remote control 2 functions, 433,92 Mhz Ro


Total weight of the pack 27.04kg. Engine dimensions 205x275x270mm. Weight 13,1Kg

The 1010 gearmotor is suitable for motorizing collective gates according to the use, the weight and the length of the gate (class 3 - NF P25-362).

Practical and reliable design, it adapts to all types of new or existing gates with one or two leaves. The leaves must be of good manufacturing (rigid) operating manually without effort.

The CL1010 is a blocking gearmotor with magnetic limit switches. A key opens the gearmotor cover and release for manual operation in case of power failure. Optionally it is possible to add an external unlocking system.

Use: individual houses.
Electronic power adjustment.
100 cycles a day.
Maximum weight of 800Kg gate.
End of magnetic races.

Portal automation: the good advice.

The external flashing amber light (P / N F220A or P / N F220CN) and the lighting of the movement area are mandatory for doors leading to public roads (NFP 25362).


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