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Gantry metal detector rental 7 days electronic security alarm airport metal detection

PDMPMALETTEOUVERTE.jpgPDMP_FERME.jpgLe portique détection de métaux (réf

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The frame metal detector (ref. PDMP a>) is delivered in a suitcase aluminum for easy transport. This bag contains all parts necessary for assembly of the system. 15/30 Minutes only are needed to assembly.

The advantages of this metal detector are:

- Power supply 220Vac or runs on a rechargeable battery already integrated into

- The metal detector is lightweight and easily transportable

- The metal detector can be installed very quickly

- The metal detector is easy to use



Gantry detection of weapons and protection of goods and merchandise

The gantry metal detector electronics (ref. PDMP) is a security device that can detect whether people are carrying the cross constables. The gantry metal detector electronics detects almost all types of metals (including lor, largent, platinum and all ferrous or daluminium). A beep and a red light will turn on each dobjet metal detection. The gantry metal detector electronics also records the number of times (3000 persons per hour). The display counter seffectue situ on a digital display on the crosspiece. The gantry metal detector electronic PDMP has several settings (beep volume, detection sensitivity) and a button zero discount. The gantry metal detector electronics can be installed before among shops, theaters or airports for secure access.

The gantry metal detector electronic control procedure ensures fast for a large amount of people. Hand excavation is reduced a minimum. The detector can be disassembled for transport.

The electronic detector gate metal is low on a new technology differential pulse induction, characterized by a high detection sensitivity and good interference suppression. The detector is insensitive to vibrations. It operates in static mode.

These materials do not interfere with pacemakers and magnetic recording materials.

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