Dictaphone 4gb mp3 bluetooth phone recorder record telephone communication

This dictaphone is very useful for a variety of professions, includingjournalists. But it is not only for professional use.Students also appreciate. Or any person who wishes to registera telepho


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This dictaphone is very useful for a variety of professions, including
journalists. But it is not only for professional use.
Students also appreciate. Or any person who wishes to register
a telephone conversation.

The recorder has a 4GB internal memory and can therefore serve as
USB drive to store your files. Also use as an MP3 player. It
Just connect it to your PC and to transfer your music. No need to install
software such as an iPod, here everything is very simple.

A memory expansion is also available by TF card, up to
Additional 16GB!

A modern design and friendly features worthy of the biggest brands, two microphones to capture the sound optimally ... all for a reduced price.
And you can also connect the phone line to lose nothing of telephone conversations ...

Screen Features: 1 inch
Four recording modes:
Buttons / Ports: Ottawa - Reading Ottawa - Registration Ottawa - Selecting the menu
Port Micro SD
speaker high power integrated
Bluetooth handsfree profile
Functions: Ottawa - Answering a call Ottawa - Registration conversations about the Micro SD card of Ottawa - Last number redial Ottawa - Recording external microphone Ottawa - External USB (with password protection)
Recording Modes: Ottawa - LP: Long time recording Ottawa - SP: normal quality recording Ottawa - HQ: High quality recording Ottawa - SHQ: Super high quality recording

Timer Recording Voice Operated Recording (VOS / VAR)
external microphone Recording a telephone conversation
Flash Memory: 8 GB Micro SD card
: up to 8 Go not included
Music Format: MP3, WMA
Recording Format: MP3
lithium battery: 3.7V, 380mAh
normal recording time: 15 hours

Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Dutch,
Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Poland, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew,
Thai, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian


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