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Dimensions 43x85x20mm . Poids 70gr. Courant maximum de 500mA/12Vcc
The magnetic contact SC10GM mounts bay.
It can be installed on a support of wood or PVC.
Detects an opening of about 15mm.
Output NC contact.
Maximum current 500mA/12Vcc

Operating principle of magnetic opening NC (normally closed) detector

Opening the detectors are used on or from the access to be protected.

Each sensor is composed of two parts:

a sensing device on the frame and a magnet on the movable part.

The contact is a reed switch (ILS or reed). When the magnet is away from the ILS, the contact thereof is open. The center receives information as a synonym for open door or window opening, if the security system is activated, the alarm goes off. When the magnet approaches the contact, both the ILS blades are subjected to the magnetic field. Each blade behaves like a magnet. The flexible blade is deformed and comes in contact with the rigid blade. The electrical contact is established, the control unit receives information as a closure. In this case the alarm will not be triggered. The most used contacts are NC = normally closed and open in alarm. These contacts must be connected in series with a normally closed your control panel area. Big advantage of these contacts is that the opening of one or the cable cut off the alarm.

There are two types of opening (NC and NO) detectors:

- Magnetic switch open NC (normally closed contact = no alarm, open alarm contact)

- Magnetic switch opening NO (normally open contact = no alarm, closed alarm contact)

In case you want to order one or more sensors magnetic opening NO, please visit our web site (ref. 3920)

Mounting rules magnetic contacts

The opening contact consists of a magnet creating a magnetic field and a contact whose state is changed by the presence of this field. In the air or on neutral materials (wood, aluminum, plaster ...) the magnetic field is distributed evenly around the magnet. A near ferromagnetic materials (steel, soft iron) magnetic field of the magnet is fully attracted and captured by this material and is not in other directions.

Therefore, it is essential to remove enough magnets and magnetic media contacts using the specific spacing shims. To verify that a material is ferromagnetic or not, use the magnet contact. If there is attraction between the magnet material, it is ferromagnetic.


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