Extensible hose watering hose 25 feet retractable retracts xhose own home garden

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Hose Xhose - 7.50 meters 25ft

Lightweight, durable and above all scalable three times its length! 7.50 M
Here the X-hose Hose!
With extendable hose, watering your garden will become a breeze. Connect to your faucet and it will take 3 times its original length.

Hose with a revolutionary technology shrink and screwed fittings.
Automatically increases three times its length.
Contracts automatically when the water is turned off.
Lightweight and easy to store. Never knots and twists ever.

Expandable hose.

+ The Product:

4 different jets
Extremely resistant
Fits easily

Under the pressure of the water, the Garden Hose Hose X triple in size! Simply cut the water to resume its original size in seconds! Watering your garden will not be a waste of time and energy.
Easy to store, it is a space!

After using your Xhose completed in a few seconds your pipe becomes very easy to store. It's quick and easy!
A highly practical, indispensable!

Its lightness, resistance and especially its incredible ability to extend and retract the hose are X Hose, the staple in your home!

The X-hose Hose is composed of two layers, a first layer and a second outer flexible, expandable and very resistant. Achieved by braiding the upper guarantee robustness unusual. Where conventional pipes bend and pinching are damaging the surface, the structure of the incomparable X-Hose prevents any problem of this type.

X-Hose hose is supplied ready to use with a standard thread for the valve and quick coupling clicker with all accessories watering.
3 lengths available
7.50 meters (2.50 feet retracted)
15 meters (5 feet retracted)
22.50 meters (8 feet retracted)

You can even connect two lengths together to get a hose of 30 meters.
Thanks to its robust weaving for sustainable use, extendable hose will not tangle.


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