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100 000v electrified briefcase, electric briefcase 450x320x180mm hight security suitcase briefcase electric shock high voltage a

Safety case&bag
The bag and case is probe proof and lost reminded.
There is the electric wires in hidden in the case and bag. There is another controller can be bright by user’s key


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Dimension 450x320x180mm . Weight 3,2Kg . Voltage 100 000 volts
Safety case&bag
The bag and case is probe proof and lost reminded.
There is the electric wires in hidden in the case and bag. There is another controller can be bright by user’s key chain.
When it was snatched, it will turn on high voltage automatically all by the controller to struck the robber to be numb
When the bag or case are forgotten to be take with the owner, it will turn on alarm to remind the owner. From undertone to alound. Then after 5 secends, it will turn on the high pressure voltage.
When the owner was resting a little, and put the bag or case nearby, then there is any theft who is sneaky to take it away, within 2.5 meter, it will become alarm, then 0.5 second later, it will begin high voltage attack to throw the theft down and be numb.
The high voltage can reach to 100,000 volt.
The ELA has been designed to safely carry any documents. The alarm siren (120dB) as well as the electrification of the bag can be activated at a distance using the remote control. Anybody who then grabs the handle of the case will receive an electrical discharge that will stun and cause him to drop it immediately. The briefcase is black. Briefcase with remote control and charger. SHOCK-ALARM SECURITY LEATHER BRIEFCASE With Remote Controlled Security Modes, This Case Gives You Complete Loss-Proof, Snoop-Proof, Theft Proof And Robbery Proof Functions. You'll Have Diplomatic Level Courier Security.

Our shock alarm security briefcase is just the product for securing important documents, laptops, cash, or confidential products on the go.With a remote control wireless arming unit, you can turn the security features on and off. If someone attempts to pick up the briefcase, they will get the Sock of their life and a loud Alarm will go off causing the thief to drop the briefcase at once.

The sensitive and reliable “stealing-proof” function of the super safety suitcase case can liberate you from any high-stress defensive situation. When you leave the case to settle other business (for instance: registration, shopping and going out), you shall just set the case in “stealing-proof” function, and bring the remote controller with you to settle business.If a robber, snooper or thief touches any place of the case, the case will produce a sound alarm and electric shock. Even though you the master is absent, the robber and thief can do nothing but drop the case and run as soon as they attempt to pick it up.

Robbery-Proof Function:
Remote control distance exceeds 50m (more than 100m in open area). The case simultaneously realizes the functions of sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock. The sound level exceeds 85db; electric shock voltage exceeds 30,000v.

If you are threatened by the robber for your case carrying valuable articles, to protect yourself, you shall give up the case. Once the robber is far but within 100m, and can not hurt you, you can take the remote controller to set “robbery-proof”. The case will immediately give alarm and high-voltage electric shock, to force the robber to leave case and ran away. This function can protect the safety of you and your articles even under such robbery conditions.


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