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Infrared sensor with a unique design to


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Technical Parameter:
Power supply: AC 220V (1¡À10%)/50Hz(1¡À5%), 1.4A
Noise: ¡Ue10dB
Working surroundings: -10¡«45¡ae
Working temperature: ¡Ue30¡ae
Power consumption: ¡Ue20W
Size of spindly display: 90x 80mm
Mode of prevent: Perspeltive single banknote and any kinds of figure
Inspection rate: 99.9%
Have the function of stop to sleep
Aduption currency: Euro
Machine size :(L x W x H)=196 x 198x 250mm
Net weight: 2kg
Infrared sensor with a unique design to take the least possible space on the workspace.

The counterfeit detector IR offers a seamless visual inspection and without dead zone. Checking tickets can also be done when they are put in range. During the audit, the visualization of the ticket is on the screen of counterfeit detector while whether these infrared images on the ticket is correct.

The sensor does not need updating, whether for new banknotes new or false.

This counterfeit detector is particularly suited to organized financial need of reliable detection.

Sensor multi-function analysis both tickets (regardless of currency) the trust documents. It is equipped with an infra-red, UV lamps and white lights. Its IR provides you with a safety level III.
The multi-currency detector, efficient, fast and efficient features:
- A large monitor,
- Detection of ultra-violet,
- An infrared camera,
- A tablet white light.

IR camera is set to a wavelength specific to a type of ink. The ink disappears from the Monitor when checking and allows detection of counterfeit banknotes, simple, fast and efficient.

Counterfeit detector. Easy to use, read all tickets in Europe. High quality optical components

High temperature resistant and moisture

Fast Play tickets

Very good resolution of the image (black and white)

Does not demand maintenance

Recognition tickets by optical system

Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz, 1.4 A Power: = <20W Noise: 10 decibels (dB) detection: ultraviolet and infrared moisture :40-80RH temperature: 10-30 ° C


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