2 Infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1 for non-contact measurements


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Infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1 for non-contact measurements

The infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1 is an effective and easy-to-use tool for carrying out many checks in a short time. The device operates in the infrared frequency so that the measurement takes place in a non-contact way. It is a useful device for hospitals, clinics, as well as for companies and institutions to control the health of employees.
Quick and contactless measurement
During the outbreak causing disease, monitoring citizens' health is od utmost importance. For this purpose, a special non-contact infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1 has been developed, which thanks to an infrared sensor will determine the temperature of the tested person with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 ° C. The measurement itself is very simple - just put the device closer to the forehead at a distance of 1.5 - 5 cm, then press and hold the button for one second. After the beep, the LCD will display the result. The device is powered by two AAA batteries included in the set, thanks to which it is ready to work immediately after unpacking it. An additional advantage is the ability to store up to 32 tests results.
For hospitals, border guards and enterprises
Due to its easy and quick operation, the AET-R1B1 thermometer can be used wherever many people need to be inspected in a short time, e.g. at airports, border crossings or in hospitals and clinics. The infrared body thermometer can also be useful for companies to routinely check those employees who could not work remotely at home. Because of the fact that the measurement is carried out without contact, the device is safe for health and does not require continuous disinfection.
Cheap and effective
The infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1 is an effective and cheap solution which allows to quickly check the body temperature of your employees or patients. Regular monitoring during an epidemiological threat will contribute to greater security for citizens.
 CE certificate
Possible applications of the Infrared body thermometer AET-R1B1:
        nurseries, kindergartens, schools, universities
        hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics
        penitentiary establishments
        hairdressing and cosmetics
        police stations and arrests
        motels, hotels, hostels
        customs offices
        cinemas, libraries, theaters and concert halls
        museums, art galleries
        Nursing homes
        banks, post offices
        industrial factories


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