High-sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector MD-200 With Sound & Light & Vibration Alarming Detects

High-sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector MD-200 With Sound & Light & Vibration Alarming DetectsProduct DescriptionI. OverviewMD-200 hand-held metal detectors apply to airports, railway stations,


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High-sensitivity Handheld Metal Detector MD-200 With Sound & Light & Vibration Alarming Detects
Product Description
I. Overview
MD-200 hand-held metal detectors apply to airports, railway stations, prisons, courts, entertainment, sports and other very precision and high sensitivity

2, the characteristics
Cyclic switch sound alarm and hidden vibration alarm respectively. High sensitivity, can detect ferrous and nonferrous metals.
Suitable for simple, convenient and easy to adjust. With a sound (or vibration) and light-emitting alarm simultaneously when detect metal.
Alkaline batteries alarm ratio of 10% -15% work more than 40 hours of continuous work.
9V battery discharge to about 7V, can detect the distance constant. When the battery voltage is low, it will automatically continuous alarm.

3, the detection distance

Black metal detector distance
1/2 pin 10mm
Six-inch dagger 150mm
8mm 40mm diameter steel balls
Non-ferrous metal detection distance
10mm * 5mm * 0.08mm aluminum / copper 10mm
DIP14 IC IC 5mm
1 gram silver ring 40mm
1 gram lead weights 30mm

4, the applicable methods

1. Press the power switch, issue the boot prompt sound (or vibrating alert), the green indicator light, said power has been turned on, the work can be detected. When probing hand holding the handle around the probe alignment chant probe geophysical sweep with metal objects that automatically go to the red light at the same time audible, when the stop sweeping probe, the sound that the stop, the green indicator light.
2. Press the key to open that issue prompted the shutdown sound (or vibrating alert), the green light is off, the power is off.
3, when high sensitivity is adjusted, the boot will be issued after 3-4 seconds the sound (or vibration), is a normal phenomenon, just sweep tested metals can be used.

5, sensitivity adjustment
1, the detection range do not meet requirements or sensitivity is too high, and even lead to instability or when the body is also an alarm, the sensitivity should be adjusted.
Methods: The hand holding the new detector unscrew the battery cover screw, and then gently pull the battery cover back to the flat.
2, after the power is turned on, with a small screwdriver to adjust the front end of the circuit board in the battery was potentiometer screw counterclockwise half turn to circle when adjusted just sound, it does not sound so far. Clockwise to increase the sensitivity and counterclockwise to reduce sensitivity, adjust the parallel passage after the battery cover and tighten the screw.

6, fitted for the battery to remove the battery cover: In accordance with the positive and negative battery cap into the 9V battery, cover the battery cover and tighten the screws.


1, sensitivity adjusted too high, will be issued after the boot continuous alarm sound, the sensitivity can be lowered.
2. Turn off the power after use. Unused for long periods, remove the batteries to prevent leakage, so as not to damage the circuit.
3, when used as the probe against the metal will be fixed first issue will stop the alarm sound (or vibration) later, so just when swept metal probe continues audible (or vibration).
4, after boot, dark green lights and continuous alarm, it means less voltage, can not work, replace the battery.


Operating frequency: 20 Khz
Weight: 272 g (without battery)
Size: 440mm (length) × 55mm (width) × 145mm (high)
FCL size: 460 × 305 × 582mm
FCL Gross Weight: 11KG
Handle Size: 30X30mm
Adjustment: Manual
Indicator: buzzer, vibration motor
Battery: 1 9V battery (available for work 40 hours)
Control: circulation switch (ON, OFF, audible or vibration mode)


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