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Shocker rechargeable electric shock I-PHONE Taser Phone iphone


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Shocker rechargeable electric shock I-PHONE Taser Phone iphone
Non-lethal self-defense weapons sometimes take on rather unexpected appearances ... We knew about tear gas pens, taser rings and lipstick sticks that send stun gas or lipsticks-taser, now here is the iPhone Taser shocker cellphone. Still a common object turned into an effective self-defense weapon. State-of-the-art technology combining a high power electric shocker (2,400,000 volts) and a LED flashlight.

Such is taken who thought to take!
What bluffing any aggressor who wants to offload you from your Smartphone ... This powerful taser looks so much like an iPhone that it will surprise more than one malefactor. Its shape, its appearance and even its weight leave nothing to guess the real function of this smartphone. Simple and discreet it would really take for an original Apple, but it is not!
Imagine the thief who will want to seize it, when he will see and hear the powerful electric arc that will form as soon as you press the button ... Moreover, this only vision is often enough dissuasive to make escape the 'aggressor.
Description of the I-phone taser phone shocker
This paralyzing electric shocker looks like the famous IPhone 4 mobile phone. It's a powerful taser also equipped with a dazzling LED flashlight that can be used as a flashlight. Just like the original, it is rechargeable on the mains as a real mobile phone by means of a simple USB plug provided that just put on an adapter plug. This electric fist hides under the appearance of a mobile phone iPhone 4 that has no phone function but is a formidable defense electric weapon for your personal safety. Using the taser phone: This shocking electric shocker in the shape of a mobile phone, has been thought for your total security.
This is an excellent self-defense shocker-type crippler that gives you time to escape after completely paralyzing your attacker with a powerful 2.400.000 volts discharge without leaving him with sequelae.
Simply operating the shocker's electric arc in front of the attacker is often a deterrent. If sight and sound are not enough, the electric shock will stop the attacker.
Short electric shock (approximately 0.5 seconds): the aggressor receives a slight contracture.
An average electric shock (between 1 and 3 seconds): the attacker falls to the ground, his brain is psychologically upset.
Maximum electric shock (between 4 and 5 seconds): the attacker falls to the ground, and loses orientation completely. A psychic shock paralyzes him for long minutes that allow you to escape
A very strong electric shock can put an attacker out of action by a brief contact. The power of the voltage (volt) is important and defined what material the electric shock can penetrate. High voltages can go through thick layers of clothing such as leather or winter jackets.
The electric shock disrupts the message that the brain sends to the muscles and paralyzes the attacker, making it temporarily harmless.
The I-phone electric shocker exists in 2 colors, black or white. It is up to you to make your choice.
Class D2 ° weapon: free of acquisition and detention for adults.


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