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New Capacitor 22uf 22µf 22 mf micro farad 450v wire motor starting condo cbb60 View larger

Capacitor 22uf 22µf 22 mf micro farad 450v wire motor starting condo cbb60


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1 x Capacitor 400v 450v 500v 20 micro farad capacitor CBB60 20uF Wire Lead Cylinder Motor Run SH Capacitor AC 450V

Brand: Fixapart

• Capacity: 20.0 uF
• Voltage: 450 V
• Dimensions:O 40x70 mm
• Cable length: 250 mm


Capacitor 22uf 22µf 22 mf micro farad 450v wire motor starting condo cbb60
Dimensions O35x92mm. Weight 90gr
Round capacitors in a flame retardant housing. Insulated and highly watertight.
Easy to assemble thanks to the 2 wires and the M8 screw. Suitable for lamps and 50 / 60Hz motors.
Capacitance: 22.0 uF
Voltage: 450 V
Dimensions: 35 x 92 mm
Cable length: 250 mm

Capacitor 22µF, 22mF, 22 microfarads 450V cable for motor starting

Can replace any 22 µF permanent capacitor whose plated voltage is between 400V and 500V, including (among others)
ITALFARAD RP2-22 and RP3-22 series
DUCATI series 4.16.10 and 4.16.17
ARCOTRONICS series 1.27.4AC MKP 1.27.6CC MKP 1.27.7LA MKP
COMAR Condensatori type MKA 22-450 - 22µF - 450V - Cable outlet

Permanent capacitor 22µF, 22mF, 22 microfarads 450V for electric motor and pump.

Cable outputs 250mm long
Operating voltage: 220V
Max voltage: 450V
Nominal frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Capacity tolerance: +/- 5%
Working temperature: -25 ° C to + 85 ° C
Reference standard: EN 60252
Class B: 10,000 hours

Permanent or starting capacitors: Their functions

The permanent or starting capacitors are not suppressors and their function is to help the starting or the rotation of the electric motors which are equipped with them. The value in MF (microfarad µF) is very important and will therefore guide your choice. The indicated voltage (example 450V) is the maximum voltage that the capacitor can withstand and not an operating voltage.
Symptoms of failure: The engine has difficulty starting or does not start at all. It starts sluggishly when powered on and manually started
On washing machine motors, this type of capacitor is found on squirrel cage motors with a permanent magnet rotor. Like brushed motors (the magnetic field of the rotor is produced by the electricity that powers the motor). Advantage: They don't need any maintenance.
The capacitor creates a phase shift of 90 ° between the two main windings, it's a bit like adding another additional electrical source on the second winding.
The phase shift improves the starting torque and allows rotational stability to the motor.


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