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camera CAMIPW1 is a monitoring solution for unique and versatile individuals and small offices. Unlike a standard webcam, the camera CAMIPW1 is a complete system with a processor and an embedded web

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camera CAMIPW1 strong> is a monitoring solution for unique and versatile individuals and small offices. Unlike a standard webcam, the camera CAMIPW1 is a complete system with a processor and an embedded web server that transmits high quality video images for security surveillance and remote monitoring. Simple installation and intuitive web interface easy integration with your Ethernet or 802.11n wireless. CAMIPW1 camera is also equipped with functions of remote monitoring and motion detection, and offers a complete and cost-effective home security.
• New: listen and speak!
strong> You can now speak and be heard from the camera.
• View your camera from anywhere in the world strong>
Compatible with all explorers.
• Automatic image strong>
• Motion Detection strong>
Use this camera as an alarm and be notified of any passage! < br> alert sent via email or upload image to FTP
• Vision: strong> 12 LED aver a range of 15m
• Multivision strong>
Watch up to 9 cameras strong> simultaneously.
• Compatible Iphone, 3G phone, Smartphone.
• Delivered with: strong>

Fixing Kit Retractable Ethernet Cable Power

CD ROM with manual and tool p>

< td> Reference strong> td> td>

IP CAM strong> (NIP-11BGPW3A2) p> td> tr>

Sensor strong> p> td>

Sensor p> td>

align='center'> fifth 'Color CMOS Sensor p> td> tr>

< p align = 'center'> resolution p> td>

align='center'> 640 x 480 (300K Pixels) p> td> tr> < td>

lens p> td>

align='center'> f: 3.6mm, F: 2.4 (IR Lens) p> td> tr>

align='center'> Minimum Illumination p> td>

align='center'> 0.5 Lux p> td> < / tr>

lens strong> p> td>

align='center'> Type p> td>

align='center'> Glass Lens p> td> tr>

align='center'> Angle p> td>

align='center'> 60 Degree p> td> tr>

align='center'> Audio p> td>

Microphone p> td>

align='center'> Audio of two way p> td> < / tr>

align='center'> Domain Name p> td>

align='center'> Server p> td>

MSN server / DDNS server p> td> tr>

Video < / strong> p> td>

Compression mage p> td>

align='center'> MJPEG p> td> tr>

align='center'> speed image p> td>

15 FPS (VGA) , 30FPS (QVGA) p> td> tr>

align='center'> Resolution p> td>

640 x 480 (VGA), 320 x 240 (QVGA) p> td> tr>

align='center'> Invert image p> td>

Vertical / Horizontal p> td> tr>

align='center'> Mode p> td >

50Hz, 60Hz or outdoor p> td> tr>

align='center'> Video Parameter p> < / td>

Brightness, Contrast p> td> tr>

Communication strong> p> td>

align='center'> Ethernet p> td>

1 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 p> td> tr>

align='center'> Protocol Supported p> td>

HTTP / DHCP / IP / TCP / UDP / FTP / SMTP / DDNS / PPPoE / UPnP p> td> tr>

align='center'> Mobilephone monitor < / p> td>

Support Iphone/Ipad/3G phone / smartphone p> td> tr>

Standard WIFI p> td>

align='center'> IEEE 802.11b / g p> td> tr>

Flow Rate p> td>

align='center'> 802.11b: 11Mbps (Max.) 802.11g: 54Mbps (Max.) p> td > tr>

align='center'> Security WIFI p> td>

align='center'> 64/128-bitWEP Encryption p> td> tr>

Physics strong> p> td>

Angle p> td>

Fixed td> tr>

align='center'> Infrared light p> td >

12 IR LEDs, Night visibility up to 15m p> td> tr>

align='center'> Dimensions p> td>

align='center'> 95 (L) x105 (W) x140mm (H) p> td> tr>

< p align = 'center'> gross weight p> td>

align='center'> 466g/pcs (product + box: 196x165x123mm) p> td> tr>

net weight p> td>

align='center'> 266g/pcs (product only) p> td> tr>

Power strong> p> td>

align='center'> Specification p> td>

align='center'> DC 5V/2.5A with 1.8m cord p> td> tr>

consumer p> td>

align='center'> 5 Watts p> td> tr>

Environment strong> p> td>

align='center'> Operating Temperature p> td>

< p align = 'center'> 0 ° ~ 55 ° C (14 ° F ~ 122 ° F) p> td> tr>

align='center'> humidity operation p> td>

align='center'> 20% ~ 85% non-condensing p> td> tr> tr> tr>

Minimum Requirements strong> p> td>

CPU p> td>

align='center'> 2.0GHZ or above (suggested 3.0GHz) p> td> tr>

< p align = 'center'> Memory Size p> td>

align='center'> 512MB or above (suggested 1.0GHz) p> td> tr> < tr>

align='center'> graphics card p> td>

align='center'> 64M or above p> td> tr>

Supported OS p> td>

align='center'> Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 p> td> tr>

align='center'> explorer p> td>

align='center'> IE 6.0, IE7.0 IE8.0 Firefox2 .0 firefox3.0. Google p> td> tr>

align='center'> Certification strong> p> td> < td colspan = '2 '>

CE, FCC, RoHS p> td> tr>

align='center'> Warranty strong> p> td>

1 YEAR p> table>


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