Modified sine wave inverter 3000W 6000w dc 24v AC 220v 230v, off grid with LCD remote control, 5V USB

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Modified sine wave inverter 3000W 6000w dc 24v AC 220v 230v, off grid with LCD remote control, 5V 2.1A USB ports for truck

Rated power: 3000W
Surge power: 6000W
DC input voltage: 24V
AC output voltage: 220V ~ 240V
AC output frequency: 50Hz
AC output waveform: modified sine wave
Waveform distortion: THD <26% (linear load)
Efficiency (> 90% load):> 90%
DC input voltage range: 21V ~ 30V
Input low voltage alarm: 21V ± 0.5V
Input low voltage shutdown voltage: 20V ± 0.5V
Input high voltage shutdown voltage: 31V ± 0.5V
No-load current: <0.5a
Surge Duration: 0.1S
Net weight: 3.9 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 32x15x13 cm
Battery cable (cross section * length): 16mm² x 750mm
Fan start temperature: = 45 ?
Temperature protection: 75 ?

- High quality DC to AC modified sine wave.

-The main control chip adopts high-speed and stable MCU, intelligent control, the AC output frequency is more precise, and the work is more stable.

-Multiple protection functions: input low voltage shutdown protection, input high voltage shutdown protection, battery high and low voltage alarm, overload protection, output short circuit protection, overheating protection, input reverse protection.

-Automatic reset function: after the input high voltage or low voltage shutdown, when the input voltage returns to normal, the inverter automatically restores the output voltage.

-Soft start function, it is easier to operate the load and reduce the impact on home appliances.

- Buzzer reminder device, after inverter protection is triggered, the buzzer will alarm to remind people.
- Remote control with LCD, it can display battery power, input voltage, output voltage and frequency, alarm condition and charging watts. The switch button can turn the inverter on / off. The remote control port is standard RJ45, you can replace a longer cable to increase the distance of the remote control.

Two USB ports on the remote control, output voltage 5V, maximum current 2.1a, can charge mobile phones and tablets.

Anodized aluminum housing, which not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has good performance of heat dissipation, wear resistance, insulation and durability.

- Dual intelligent temperature control fan to reduce unnecessary waste of battery; When the internal temperature of the inverter is = 45 ± 5 ° C, the fan starts to operate.

-Screw terminal. Plug-in socket for easy cable replacement.


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