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A 26-year experience as manufacturer in the electricity sector, an offer specialised in ALARM VIDEO SURVEILLANCE AUTOMATION SELF DEFENSE DOMOTIC APPLIANCE PHONE SOUND SYSTEM, a know-how without equivalence. This rich experience makes our difference and we want to share it with you.

Know-how and make know
Today like tomorrow, communication tends to become as important as know-how. Therefore, we have a double ambition:
• be a reference for you in the essential values of the security sector
• transmitt you these values for more professionalism.
All the elements are combined to lead us to succeed together. That is our definition of the partnership we are sharing with you.
@larm on line :
At the time of the « business to business », when the world is crossed surfing on the Web, when the e-commerce is part of all conversations, the distance and time notions is quite relative. Taking this progress into account is lastingness proof and modernism sign before being, perhaps, an inevitable need. We expect you soon on our website : nothing useless …

« Proximity protection ». Today reality is that goods and people security remain a delimited mission, geographically speaking.
So, in addition of efficient products for efficient systems, the installation must be made by someone you can confy in, your neighbour, your Electrician.
The electricity sector at the user's service makes a solidarity chain, people and products daily proximity are everyday backed up with our experience and know-how.
Thank you for your confidence.


At the electricity professionals' service, our engagement covers the following:
Before sale:
• training of our distribution partners staff
• training of the installers • systems' definition help • facturation help.
During sale:
• Loading • Installation assistance • Telephone Hot line
After sale:
• Long period of guarantee • Products long lasting • Reparation service ASS
This organisation of proximity in the comfort and security sectors was limited up to now, to the anti intrusion alarm.

Today, remaining in the security branch, our offer has been enlarged to the access control.
Moreover, in the same environment of services, we propose a France-wild distribution of sounding products: reserved to the professionals or individuals.

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