10 X Ultraschallgerat gegen schnaken

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10 X Ultraschallgerat gegen schnaken

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  • 10 Ultraschallgerat gegen schnaken...   -   Ref. RMPC

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    Mini Electronic Mosquito Insect Repeller keychain Ring

    Repellent Mosquito machine * 1pcs

    Emits a signal ultrasound especially gauged to drive away the majority of mosquitoes

    the mosquito repeller uses an advanced technolgy insect repellent that makes outdoor living and activities more enjoyable from the annoyance of mosquitoes ,it work to help protect you while you're fishing ,camping,hiking,camping ,jogging ,on the golf course ,or just at ease on your patio or porch.

    No chemical, no vapor, no odor, no pulverizer

    Completely inoffensive to men and pets

    Switch for 3 different settings: power on/ dragonfly flying sound/ male mosquito flying sound

    Equipped with a red diode light

    Powered by one CR2032 button cell (inside)

    With a keychain for easy carrying

    Mini size:5.4cm*3cm*1cm

    Color: silver

    Applying 3V button battery, the electronic suit for home use and very convenient to take along when you go out to have a trip, picnic, fishing and climbing etc

    Validity scope

    Six to twelve square meter


    Open the battery cover and put one piece of battery of Cr2032 in it

    Put the switch to the left turn the power on Put the switch to the middle the flying sound of

    Ragonfly or bat will heard Put the switch to the right, imitated flying Sound of male mosquito

    Take the Electronic Mosquito Repeller along when you go out at evening, the preset light bulb (at the bottom of the unit) will the useful for you


    Keep dry

    Do 130 harm to our body, pet, electric appliances and environment

    No articles between the body



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    10 X Ultraschallgerat gegen schnaken
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